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I trained at Cardiff Art School and Wimbledon Art School gaining a 1:1 in Fine Art, and an MA in Print making. I’ve also worked as a silver smith and have supplied galleries and craft shops with both mediums.


my obsession with clay began at an evening class back in 2014. For me, clay was an opportunity to have a new challenge and to continue making handmade objects but in a different form. To be able to hand make something that has elegance, charm, functionality and a high level of individuality has been a goal ever since I began.


I have my own studio in my garden in Bristol, England. From there, i design and make my pieces, sometimes thrown on the wheel but mostly by hand building. hand building enables me to create the tactile textures that i’ve perfected.

I rarely make identical sets, this production process seems to inhibit the energy of each piece  so if you like something its best not to wait as there may not be another! Everything is individual with its own perfect unsymmetrical beauty.


The clay I most often use is Stoneware, as it is dishwasher friendly and is suited to everyday use.


memories of countless summer holidays in Cornwall - searching for frosted sea glass and making creations in the sand as a child, and then with my own children, have massively influenced my work. The warm buff tones of tone ware clay when matched with a matt white or jade glaze, combined with a rippled texture echoes the patterns and feel of the sand when the sea has gone out at low tide. These things make me happy and I hope that sense of awe and beauty i aim to incorporate comes across in my work. 




Potters     9 Perry Rd, Bristol BS1 5BQ